Preparations for lactation

benefits of breastfeeding has long been scientifically proven.Unfortunately, the ability and desire to breastfeed her child is not at all.Some women have insufficient milk production (gipolaktatsiya).Some inexperienced mothers is associated with the shortage of milk that the baby is gaining enough weight.But, as practice shows that gipolaktatsiyu can be prevented.The main thing - it is the right attitude for a long and full breastfeeding, as well as knowledge of the tools and drugs for lactation.Why

reduced lactation?

Not more than 7% of women met the primary (true) gipolaktatsiya.As a rule, this is due to hormonal disruptions in the body.In all other cases, the lack of milk production due to specific reasons, which can be eliminated.Here are some of them:

  • mom no mental attitude to breast-feed;
  • mother rarely puts baby to the breast;
  • stress, certain circumstances of life, access to employment;
  • malnourished lactating women;
  • mother feeds her baby on a schedule rather than on demand;
  • early introduction of complementary foods, unjustified transfer to mixed and artificial feeding;
  • mother takes drugs to decrease lactation (usually some drugs having this side effect).

lactation crisis is a condition when the background of the already established breast-feeding reduces the amount of milk suddenly.The child grows up, he needs more food, and the body is mom does not have time to adapt to the new needs of the baby.

lactation crises often occur at 3-5 weeks, and at 3, 4, 7 and 8 months.A particular danger, they have no idea if the mother is well aware of them and knows how to increase lactation.Lactation crisis - a temporary condition that can be overcome completely for 3-4 days.

How do you know that the child does not have enough milk?Mom should alert: a small increase in weight of the baby, the child's anxiety, decrease in milk decrease the daily amount of urine the baby syndrome (dry diapers).

Preparations for lactation milk

Preparations for the cessation of lactation Today made a lot of preparations to increase lactation and drugs to stop lactation.

There are special drugs for lactation applied nursing women.A separate group among them - it is the dry soy and dairy products for lactation milk:

  • Femilak (produced in Russia) - vitaminized milk formula with taurine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.This preparation for lactation enriches nursing mothers diet of animal protein, minerals, fat, multivitamins and trace elements.The structure includes Femilaka milk protein with taurine (substances present in breast milk), corn oil, and 15 vitamins.Many experts recommend trample the mixture and during pregnancy, as it is good for the development of the fetus.And while breastfeeding will help to increase the use of Femilaka lactation.
  • Dumil Mom plus (made in Denmark) - import analogue Femilaka without taurine;
  • Enfa-mom (made in USA) - preparation for lactation, analogue Femilaka without taurine;
  • «Olympic" - a dry vitaminized mixture of soy protein.Initially this mixture is intended for sportsmen, but now it is successfully used by nursing mothers.

also produces a mixture with lactogenic additive.One of them - the "Milky Way" (developed jointly with the Institute of Nutrition).The composition includes soy protein isolate, skimmed cow's milk, sugar, galega herb extract, chicory, fiber, minerals and vitamins.The extract has a strong grass galega lactogenic effect.It can be used as a prevention from the early days of lactation, if the mother is at risk for gipolaktatsii.This mixture has been shown to be well tolerated and gives a good effect.

There are many teas for lactation of domestic and imported tea Hipp (production Austria), tea Babushkino basket (Russian production).Do not forget about the various herbs and vegetables, increase lactation: carrots, radish, licorice, thyme, lettuce leaf, dill, fennel, nettle, lemon balm, dandelion, yarrow, marjoram, anise, rose, galega, walnut, hazelnut and others.From them prepare decoctions, tinctures, teas.Be careful in the selection of herbs: Many herbs are used as drugs to stop lactation.

There are dietary supplements to increase lactation: Laktogon, Apilaktin.These drugs for lactation milk made on the basis of spicy flavors of herbs and waste products of the bees.

Apilaktina The composition of pollen and royal jelly.Laktogon lactogenic includes a number of plants (fennel, ginger, nettle, oregano, carrot juice).Please note that the intolerance of bee products is a contraindication to use.Statistics show that in the case of dietary supplements for more than 80% of mothers successfully overcome lactation crises and will continue to feed their babies breast.

widely used vitamins and minerals: Centrum, Gendevit, Materna.

shortage of milk may be imaginary.The amount of milk per day can be determined by weighing the child's control.It must weigh before and after feeding for one day.The main criteria of full breastfeeding - the normal state of health of the child, a good mood, proper development and growth.If a child feels good, do not worry about nothing and weigh it every day.Moreover, it is not necessary to give the baby unnecessarily breast milk substitute.

But even if my mother set gipolaktatsiya, in most cases, will help cope with the problem of appropriate tools and drugs.Your doctor may advise lactogenic foods and beverages, medicines, physiotherapy, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals.Power nursing mother should be rational in the number of vitamins, minerals, protein.Must observe the correct drinking regime (at least two liters a day).

duration of breastfeeding almost always depends on the woman, but she can manage this process.Opportunities to maintain lactation weight.The child is growing rapidly, the time of weaning him from the chest.Then my mother would come to the aid of drugs to reduce lactation.Among the drugs to stop lactation there are both traditional remedies and homeopathic preparations and hormonal pills.But do not forget that the use of drugs to increase lactation and medications to reduce the lactation should be agreed with your physician.