Alternative Dream book: escape in a dream - what is it?

constant pursuit

Dreams, which is yours chased by someone, are among the most common, and their origin is rooted in feelings of anxiety in your everyday life.sonnik escape to interpret such a dream, you do not need any kind of dream interpretation was.Escapes and escape - the instinctive reaction to a physical threat.In these dreams, the script usually involves attacking figure: a stranger, an animal or a monster who wants to hurt you or even kill you.Therefore, you run away, hiding or trying to outwit his pursuer.Your behavior in the dream reflects the manner to which you have recourse in their daily lives, responding to pressure from or interfering with fear.Usually the dream has no hidden meaning, which is necessary for clues dream book.Run away in her sleep - a sign that in real life you tend to hide from problems rather than to meet them face to face.Ask yourself who you're running from, so as to gain an understanding of the source of your fears and anxieties.

own enemy

dream interpretation dream escape Success and failure, betrayal

, success and disappointment - all this could presage a dream in which you pursue, so says the dream book.Run away in his sleep, according to various psychologists - a common phenomenon that draws us to the situation of our daily lives.For example, the persecutor or striker, from which you run in your dream, may also be an aspect of your "I".Your own feelings of hatred, envy, fear, or perhaps love in a dream can take the form of the most formidable figure.Dark characters may be features of your character that you do not want to admit that you can transfer data features on this unknown pursuer.Such a scientific explanation looks much more authentic than the conflicting interpretations offered dream interpretation.Run away in his sleep is necessary for many of us, however, to face the pursuer, and ask why he is running for you, not everyone can.From what are you running?

fear of being subjected to attack

sonnik run away from men more straightforward interpretation of dreams described, different from what it has to offer the usual dream book (in which escape may have a lot of dubious value to the modern reader), is the fear of being attacked.Such dreams are more typical of women than men, since the first feel more vulnerable in the urban environment.Often these dreams are caused by the media, which tend to increase the fear of being subjected to violence or attempted sexual assault.Thus, there is a clear and logical interpretation than the values ​​with which you can see by looking through an ordinary dream book.Run away from the man, or any other hostile character in a dream you can, as a rule, in the presence of certain problems that are not ready to face.