Do not call the guy?

Unfortunately, the female nature is designed so that the pride in it prevails over all other qualities.It affects not only women, but all around, and especially men.To cope with this problem often is simply impossible.And to take the first step - a task that can not afford many of even the most daring the fairer sex.But you can make a man give up first.And this may help in conspiracies to call.And there are many such.

conspiracy to call spoke first

night (after midnight) to the growing moon, take a photo of your loved and tie a red ribbon to the phone.In the absence of photos, you can simply tie a ribbon phone and visualize the image of Man.After that you need to put the phone next to the bed or under the pillow.In the plot there is a caveat: you need to use the phone, which is usually the guy calls.Once the phone is in place, you need to read the next plot to call: "Let 'servant of God (name)" in a dream will see me, maiden bored favorite withered, my voice it will be like a breath of a little water, so he wants

to hear.And waking up, thinking nothing could call me, like a potion given to drink. "After reading the conspiracy need to go to bed and try not to think about the ceremony held.

conspiracy to guy called second plot

To call a guy should do the following: visualize it, dial a phone number and read these words: "My desire to be fulfilled, the power of God to help me, because it is honest and without evil, no sin.And performed it for me. "The plot must be read with the unleashing knots on the nose cotton scarf who previously needed to tie.Since reading and up to the moment of execution handkerchief need to carry.When the desire to be fulfilled, you must burn the handkerchief.

third plot

To call narrowed, it is necessary to conduct a ritual: take the stones.They should as much as digits in the phone number, which must call the guy.On these stones you need to write all the digits and put them in a bag.The plot must be read on the bag, "How digits of my carved on stones, so let the servant of God (name) in the memory of the servant of God (name) is stored.How do these stones knocking, so the heart of a servant of God (name) at the thought of me knocking.Suppose he is my number dial.Amen. "This pouch to hide so that it did not find any living soul.If necessary, you can repeat his wish, but not more than three times in two weeks.

conspiracies to call

Do I need a plot to call your favorite?

Specialists in psychology argue that the first call to make difficult, but often this is justified by the courage.After all, in the bustle of everyday life, people simply do not find a free minute to call loved ones.And after such a call could be for them a drop in the ocean of joy of life.Here the main thing - just the courage to dial the number.For those who still difficult to decide on this seemingly simple step, we can recommend to come up every time a good reason for the call.Moreover, if a woman is drawn to a man for any "male" issues is that it greatly increases his self-esteem, on the one hand, and weak creature appears in his eyes, on the other.Therefore, before making a conspiracy, the guy called, it is worth trying to call him the most.